Sufficiency, Circularity & Systems

I enjoyed hosting a SASBE Seminar on Sufficiency, Circularity and Systems with David Ness, Usha Iyer-Raniga and Will Swan. The seminar covered very different approaches to transforming the built environment for sustainability.

David’s presentation covered the very simple, but effective, approach of building less. Usha talked about circular economy approaches to reduce consumption and waste while creating jobs and small enterprises. William presented experimental facilities that can be used to guide the development of effective evidence-based building and energy policy and legislation.

The presentations generated some interesting questions and discussions about how to ensure change happens in the built environment quickly enough. The presentations and discussions can be accessed here.

If you are doing work that may be of interest to researchers, practitioners and policymakers working within the smart and sustainable built environment field and would like to present this at a SASBE Seminar, you are welcome to contact me with ideas.