The following tools have been developed to support the integration of sustainability and inclusion into designs for new and existing buildings and urban areas as well as for improving the performance of existing buildings and areas.

  • Sustainable Building Assessment Tool (SBAT)
  • Sustainable Facilities Management (SFM)
  • Built Environment Sustainability Tools (BEST)
  • Sustainable Building Materials Index (SBMI)
  • Energy Use Modelling (EUM)
  • Energy Assessment in Buildings (EAB)
  • Energy Evaluation and Monitoring (EAM)
  • Water Use Modelling (WUM)
  • Water Assessment in Buildings (WAB)
  • Water Evaluation and Monitoring (WAM)
  • Design for Accessibility (DAR)
  • Sustainable Tourism Assessment and Rating (STARS)
  • Water Resilience in Buildings (WRIB)
  • Sanitation Options for Sustainable Housing (SOSH)