New online course on the Sustainable Building Assessment Tool

The SBAT Residential tool and manual has been updated and a new online course developed. The Sustainable Building Assessment Tool can be used to assess and improve the sustainability performance of residential buildings, such as houses and apartments, and their immediate neighbourhoods.

The SBAT supports an integrated and responsive approach to achieving high sustainability performance in buildings. The tool is based on a holistic approach to addressing sustainability and includes social, economic and environmental criteria. It is easy and low-cost to use and is particularly suitable for developing country applications.

The online course shows how you can use the SBAT to assess designs and buildings to improve their sustainability performance. It also shows you how to follow a standardised methodology and protocols in order to carry out accurate assessments. The course also shows how data can be collated for sustainability reports and to enable self-assessments to be validated. Access to the course is free currently, but numbers are capped, so please email me if you are interested.