Climate Change in the Built Environment: Addressing Future Climates in Buildings

Climate Change in the Built Environment: Addressing Future Climates in Buildings is a chapter in a new book called Claiming Identity Through Redefined Teaching in Construction Programs, edited by Sherif Mostafa (Griffith University, Australia) and Payam Rahnamayiezekavat (Western Sydney University, Australia). The book is part of part of a series that aims to support effective approaches for the delivery of diversified knowledge in Construction Management programs across the globe. It argues there should be “signature” teaching methods to shape the identity of Construction Management as an independent discipline. A brief introduction to the chapter is provided below.

Despite growing awareness of climate change, there is little evidence that this is being addressed in cities and built environments. Events such as flooding in Houston, USA, landslides in Free Town, Sierra Leone, and water shortages in La Paz, Bolivia and Cape Town in South Africa in 2017, demonstrate that it is increasingly important that climate change is understood and addressed in built environments to ensure that they become more resilient.

This chapter introduces climate change and outlines the implications of this for the built environments. It describes measures that can be incorporated into built environments to enable them to adapt to projected climate changes. It provides valuable guidance on how climate change can be addressed effectively in built environments for people working with built environments such as planners, designers, contractors and facilities managers.

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