Sustainability projects
– Development of the Green Book, a planning and design guide for developing more resilient cities in South Africa
– Development of Evidence-Based Planning Framework to apply to the development of IDP and SDFs for the City of Johannesburg as part the Sustainable Cities Project funded by the Global Environmental Fund (GEF) and UNEP (12 million USD) project.
– Green Building Bylaw and Incentive Scheme, development of bylaw, policy and public participation for City of Tshwane
– Development of the sustainability guide on the IUSS Health Facilities Guidelines developed for the Department of Health
– Development of Best Practice Sustainable Development Criteria and Guidelines for EIA Applications for Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (GDARD)
– Development of a Green Economy Strategic Framework for the City of Tshwane
– Development of Criteria and Policy for the Promotion of Energy Efficiency in Land Use Development for the City of Johannesburg
– Design Guidelines for Energy Efficient Buildings for the City of Johannesburg
– Development of the Built Environment Sustainability Tool (BEST), a tool for integrating sustainability into neighbourhoods
– Lesotho Airborne Infection Control Project (Design assessments and protocol development for World Bank funded clinics building programme)
– Site Assessment and Concept Design for Lupani Sustainable School, Livingstone, Zambia for the African Wildlife Fund (AWF)
– Sustainability Review of 2010 FIFA World Cup Stadiums for Department of Environment and Tourism and DANIDA.
– Sustainability Audit of Existing Building and Technical Recommendations for New Offices for Absa Bank, Johannesburg
– Sustainability Audit of Existing Building and Technical Recommendations for New Building for NedBank, Sandton
– Enabling Environments, a research project into responsive technologies and high performance environments for the Meraka Institute
– Sustainable Construction Guidelines and Indicators, for Development Bank of South Africa and the Green House Project
– Sustainability Performance Target for Ritz Carlton at Spier, a R300 million sustainable hotel project. (with Arup)
– Sustainable Brief development and Technical Support for AECI on their new head office building
– Space Standards and Norms for Public Office Buildings for the Department of Public Works
– Expert input into UNEP’s sustainable construction programme for the United Nations Environmental Programme
– Sustainability Performance Target Setting, Design Assessments, Post Occupancy Evaluation, Building User Manual and Facility Management Systems for USAID on their new office building
– Sustainability Performance Targets document for MTN Call Centre in Johannesburg
– Sustainability Performance Targets document for housing in Ivory Park, Johannesburg
– Design Assessments and Bid Adjudication for Department of Trade and Industry of their new PPP head office building
– Department of Science and Technology, Accommodation Options Analysis
– South African Management Development Institute (SAMDI) Space Budget

Education projects
– Strategic Infrastructure Project (SIP) 14 Coordinator Higher Education Infrastructure for the Presidential Infrastructure Coordinating Commission (PICC). (SIP project value R800billion)
– DHET Technical Working Group reviewing all university master plans, condition assessment, maintenance plans and disability audits
– Space Standards and Norms for Public Schools for the Department of Public Works
– Briefing for R20 million Office Refurbishment Project, for National Electronic Media Institute of South Africa NEMISA)
– Briefing and Technical Support for the Innovation Hub, a R200 million centre for education, business and incubation in Pretoria
– Concept Design for Lupani Sustainable School for the African Wildlife Fund in Livingstone, Zambia
– School Infrastructure Performance Indicator System (SIPIS) for school performance assessment
– New School Designs for Limipopo Department of Public Wokrs
– 20 year capital Investment Programme for School Infrastructure for the World Bank
– New School Designs and Maintenance Guides for different climate regions for the Kenya Education Support Programme (KESSP) funded by the World Bank and the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID)
– Technical Support for FET College Infrastructure Condition Appraisal for a recapitalisation programme funded by the DBSA
– Thuba Makote, Schools as Centres for Community Development, R75 million, 9 pilot school building programme developed for National Treasury and the Department of Education
– Audit of all South African Early Childhood Development Centres for the Department of Education part of a consortium)
– Education for All, R2.1 million research project for the Innovation Fund (lead a consortium)
– School Register of Needs, 2000, audit of all South African Schools for the Department of Education (part of a consortium)
– Maphala Gulube School, detailed design of R 5 million, 1000 pupil primary school for SASOL. (Published Financial Mail)
– St Paul’s Community Learning Resource Centre, Phillipi, assessment and design of R1.7milllion community facility for the Anglican church.
– Thistle Grove Community Learning Resource Centre, Secunda Design adaptations of existing building for SASOL.